I Make Complicated Stuff Look Simple

...by creating 3D animations of complex machines, systems and processes

Completely blown away. I’ve worked with creatives for 18 years and have never seen anyone pick up a vision and deliver on-target results as quickly and efficiently as Joe.

Shea Gerhardt CEO, Buderflys

Joe worked autonomously throughout the project and continuously made improvements without feedback. He also was flexible to accommodate a short timeline and several changes in direction. I would recommend him to any agency that seeks top-quality 3D animation.

Olivier Roth Founder & CEO, Timelapse, Inc.

Joe truly exceeded expectations on the work he did for us. The animation came out flawless and he was so great to work with throughout the entire project.

Grant Neuhold Director/Producer, Kiowa County Media Center

Just amazing – extremely talented, flexible and great communicator. Brings great ideas to the table and produces top quality work. Hope to hire again soon!

Willow Becker Marketing Director, Preferati Inc.

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