Learn how to use the IK function to rig a series of scissor arms inside a machine.


  • Create pairs of joints using the Point Snap option to ensure that the joints are centered at the axes of the levers.
  • Create controllers (Locators) at the center hinge of all the scissor levers. Use Point Snap to center.
  • Group the controllers (⌘+G) and use center the pivot point (Modify>Center Pivot)
  • Rename all joint chains as desired (xLeverJoint#_#)
  • Create the IK Handles for each joint chain (Skeleton>Create IK Handle)
  • Parent the root joints to their respective Locator controllers (Constrain>Parent)
  • Parent the IK Handles to their respective Locator controllers (Constrain>Parent)
  • Parent the scissor arm polygon objects to their respective joint using the Outliner (Middle-mouse click and drag)
  • Use the ScaleX attribute of the controller group to control all the scissor arms.


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