Nano-Clear Coating

Client: Assero Industrial Coatings

Assero Industrial Coatings needed a way to communicate the complex molecular chemistry behind NCI and the results of NCI over long periods of time. Neither of these things could be communicated with video or illustration, so they turned to Raconteur Animation to solve the problem.

Raconteur developed 9 short animations to show the chemical properties of NCI and how it performs in different conditions and environments. This included UV, abrasion, corrosion and chemical protection in air, land and sea environments.

A particularly challenging part of the animation was developing a visual representation of a 3-dimensional polymer that could be used at micro and macro scale. The MASH tools in Autodesk Maya were a great solution to create complex webs of spheres that could be spread over the surface of a model to represent molecules.

Assero used the presentation at trade shows and on the web. It received great feedback and led to partnerships and more opportunities at other trade shows.

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