Client: PRINTRAYCE Systems LLC

Agency: Preferati

PRINTRAYCE Systems and Preferati marketing needed to demonstrate a new type of apple labeling system. The machine’s inner workings were mostly hidden and operated at high speed, so 3D animation was a perfect fit to solve the problem. They provided a script, voiceover, video, images and CAD data for Joe to complete the animation.

Joe used his standard conversion workflow to create a lightweight model from the CAD data. This model was particularly complex, so Joe simplified some of the machine to ensure clear visual communication. Then Joe shaded the model to near photo realism, paying close attention to details like stainless steel screws and plastic bumpers.

A particularly challenging part of this animation was to develop animation rigging for the label tape. Joe used multiple types of deformers in Autodesk Maya and driven keyframes to synchronize the movement of the spool, tape and pulleys throughout the machine. He also created complex rigs of joints and constraints so that the grabber chain and “accordion” arms in the machine operated just as in real life.

“Just amazing – extremely talented, flexible and great communicator. Brings great ideas to the table and produces top quality work. Hope to hire again soon!”

—Willow Becker, Marketing Director, Preferati Inc.

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