Learn how to use the IK spline function to create rigging for a cable chain.


  • Group all chain links and make sure they are aligned to the XYZ axes for proper rotation
  • Use the Skeleton>Create Joints tool to create a joint chain. Be sure to turn on Point Snapping to align each joint to the center of rotation for each chain link.
  • Use Create>Curve Tools>EP Curve Tool to create a curve with CVs at each joint. Again, be sure to turn on Point Snapping.
  • Create the IK setup by using Skeleton>Create IK Spline Handle
  • Bind the chain links to the joints by middle-mouse-dragging each polygon object into its respective joint in the Outliner.
  • Attach the curve to the “grabber” by using driven keyframes or by writing an expression
  • chainCurve.translateX = (grabberObject.translateX / 2)


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