December 5, 2018

Machine Animation Tutorial: Tape and Ribbon | Maya 2017 + MASH

Joe explains how to use MASH, Curve Warp and expressions to create a string of tape and a series of spools and pulleys. Timecodes: 0:00 – Introduction 2:00 – Create sticker element 2:40 – Set up MASH network 4:24 – Add texture to sticker element 5:10 – MASH Curve vs Curve Warp 8:00 – Apply […]

November 9, 2018

3D Modeling Tutorial: How to Model Bolt/Screw/Pipe Threads | Maya 2017

Joe explains a technique to model threads in Maya 2017. Summary: (4:12) Create a Helix object (Create-Polygon Primitives-Helix) (4:53) Adjust Helix object attributes as desired Coils: 10.6 Height: 1.0 Width: 1.015 Radius: 0.05 Subdivisions Axis: 3 Subdivisions Coil: 50+ (7:55) Bevel the helix Double-click center edge of helix to select edge loop Bevel (Edit Mesh-Bevel) […]

October 27, 2018

Machine Animation Tutorial: Rigging Scissor Arms | Maya 2017

Joe Explains how to use the IK function to rig a series of scissor arms inside a machine. Summary: Create pairs of joints using the Point Snap option to ensure that the joints are centered at the axes of the levers. Create controllers (Locators) at the center hinge of all the scissor levers. Use Point […]

October 17, 2018

Machine Animation Tutorial: Rigging a Cable Chain | Maya 2017

Joe explains how to use the IK spline function to create rigging for a cable chain. Summary: Group all chain links and make sure they are aligned to the XYZ axes for proper rotation Use the Skeleton>Create Joints tool to create a joint chain. Be sure to turn on Point Snapping to align each joint […]

October 17, 2018

Maya MEL Script: Insert “Blank” Frame

Joe explains a custom MEL script written for the storyboarding process used at Raconteur. It copies all the keyframes on a specified frame, then inserts a duplicate into the timeline to create a 2 identical sets of  keyframes. Script: select -r `ls -type animCurve`; selectKey`ls -typ animCurve`; setKeyframe; timeSliderEditKeys addInbetween; currentTime (`currentTime -q` + 1); selectKey -clear; […]

October 17, 2018

Tile Rendering | Maya 2016 + Mental Ray

Joe explains how to use the Maya command line to break down a single-frame Mental Ray render into tiles. This is useful in situations where you’re creating large format images and there’s a risk of crashing due to lack of memory or other technical issues. Resources: Final Gather notes by Master Zap Maya Render command documentation by Autodesk […]

October 17, 2018

10 Second Maya Tips: Center Object to World Origin

Joe explains 2 different methods to place an object in the center of the world in Maya. Something that should be simple, but is deceptively complicated (like most things in Maya). Here is the script referenced in the video: string $obj[] = `ls -sl`; move -rpr 0 0 0 $obj;

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